Samurai Jujutsu will empower you to:

Gain Alignment with Natural Law. Our classes with teach you awareness of how you can interact with natural law, accessing body movement through training that will allow you to improve your health, build practical strength, and be in better shape as a result of your activity with us.

Live a healthy lifestyle while fostering valued relationships. Training at the dojo will become your path to better health, increased energy, breath control, and the ability to integrate more effectively in your home and at work. We are not training for cage fights or sports contests. Our training is for a lifetime and holistic in application.

Develop Confidence and a sense of well being. The Samurai knew that all true strength comes from within. Learning with us, you will gain the ability to face conflict with grace and dignity, poise and posture. Focusing on breath, we overcome the negative aspects of fear and learn to be society’s role models.

Use the Proven, Effective, and Moral training of the samurai for increased personal safety. We believe that all growth and development is built on the truth. The abilities you acquire with us will provide you real world skills and strategies, proven and developed by professionals at arms from the feudal period through modern times; to keep you, your family, your society, and your country safer wherever you are.

“We attempt to apply the principles we learn throughout all of our lives. There is a lot of work and study, for the students and the teachers that go in to every class or practice. We consider it life and death, and have a tendency to be serious about the subject, even though we laugh a lot and really enjoy being there.”

The training in Samurai Jujutsu at the Dojo of the Four Winds is much more than a social club, fight training class, sports facility, or a workout gym. The friendships and support gained from other students, members, and instructors at the school become over time a cornerstone in our life. It really is Training for a Lifetime.


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